Teldio Launches Industry-First Two-Way Radio Design & Management Web Application

With very little information on the internet about two way radio online’s, it is very rare when we get a chance to re post, with permission, an article from this industry.

Teldio Corporation, a leading application solution provider for digital two-way radios, announced today the launch of D3M, the first web application that simplifies the end-to-end process of designing, documenting, delivering and managing two-way radio networks.

“Through Teldio’s years of experience as an application developer for the Walkie Talkie industry, it became clear that a tool for network design and management was long overdue. With the growing complexity of radio networks and their ability to become part of a unified communication platform, dealers and manufacturers alike need to simplify the end-to-end process of radio network design and management and D3M clearly addresses this need,” said Carl Carruthers, CEO of Teldio.

D3M allows for seamless collaboration between all parties involved in rolling-out anything from a small radio deployment to a large multi-million dollar statewide communications network. The web-app is an intuitive all-in-one tool that addresses the increasing complexity of digital two-way radio networks. Most importantly, it allows users to overcome the difficulties associated with managing expensive technical assets while abiding by engineering rules, often a sore point and critical aspect to the successful completion of two-way radio network design and implementation.

Notable features include the ability to architect a two-way radio network of any size, an intuitive drag and drop editor, built-in engineering rules, automatically generated asset inventory database, project proposal generation and printing, file storage, and live-collaboration on projects between multiple users.

D3M keeps the service providers in mind. From pre-sales, to implementation and post-sales network servicing, a standard & accessible platform will save valuable time & money. The benefits of D3M are already being recognized by those who have test driven the web-application during the official D3M BETA:

“I would recommend this tool to all two-way radio network technicians as it brings great value to them and the rest of their organization. D3M is an excellent collaboration tool for sales, engineers, and technicians. Being able to share the design information in one centralized location will be far more efficient than our current method of e-mailing multiple file types back and forth.” said Chris Pace, IP Solutions Manager at BearCom, Motorola Solutions’ largest dealer worldwide. All interested users will have a chance to try out the tool free of charge for 30 days.

With the worldwide migration to digital radio networks and the added complexity brought on by integration to other communication platforms, two-way radio networks are becoming harder and harder to architect and manage. D3M will become the tool two-way radio service providers trust to ensure their projects are designed, documented, delivered and managed in an organized, professional and efficient manner.